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Study featured in: Reader’s Digest, Le Monde, Cirad news, Presidency of Madagascar, UPR Forêts et Sociétés news

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Results of the study were used to update the IUCN conservation status of the Grauer’s gorilla logo-iucn.png.

Study featured in: RFI, Alert Conservation, Sciences et Avenir, Radio Canada audio, Médiaterre, Science Post, Magazine Goodplanet Info, Global Magazine, Mongabay, Le Monde, National Geographic Voices, The Gardian, Science Journal for Kids.

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This article was the Editor’s Choice paper for the issue 104 (3) of the Journal of Ecology: Editor’s Choice 104:3.

This article has been selected for a Journal of Ecology virtual issue on “Plants in a changing world: global change and plant ecology”. Published 24 April 2017. Browse Virtual Issue.

Study featured in: The Conversation, Le Figaro, Radio Classique, Le Point, FranceTV info, El Mercurio, Midi-Libre, Cirad activity report 2015.

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Results of the study were used to update the IUCN conservation status of Adansonia grandidieri logo-iucn.png.

This article featured in the Scientific American post ’Climate Change Could Wipe Out Amazing Baobab Trees in Madagascar’.

It featured also in the Conservation Corridor post ’Are protected area networks enough to conserve biodiversity?’.

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