This dataset describe the distribution of 82 species of Alpine plants in 75 sites. Species traits and environmental variables are also measured.



aravo is a list containing the following objects :


is a data.frame with the abundance values of 82 species (columns) in 75 sites (rows).


is a data.frame with the measurements of 6 environmental variables for the sites.


is data.frame with the measurements of 8 traits for the species.


is a vector with full species names.


The environmental variables are : ll Aspect Relative south aspect (opposite of the sine of aspect with flat coded 0)
Slope Slope inclination (degrees)
Form Microtopographic landform index: 1 (convexity); 2 (convex slope); 3 (right slope);
4 (concave slope); 5 (concavity)
Snow Mean snowmelt date (Julian day) averaged over 1997-1999
PhysD Physical disturbance, i.e., percentage of unvegetated soil due to physical processes
ZoogD Zoogenic disturbance, i.e., quantity of unvegetated soil due to marmot activity: no; some; high
The species traits for the plants are: ll Height Vegetative height (cm)
Spread Maximum lateral spread of clonal plants (cm)
Angle Leaf elevation angle estimated at the middle of the lamina
Area Area of a single leaf
Thick Maximum thickness of a leaf cross section (avoiding the midrib)
SLA Specific leaf area
Nmass Mass-based leaf nitrogen content
Seed Seed mass


Choler, P. (2005) Consistent shifts in Alpine plant traits along a mesotopographical gradient. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 37,444-453.

Dray S, Dufour A (2007). The ade4 Package: Implementing the Duality Diagram for Ecologists. Journal of Statistical Software, 22(4), 1-20. doi:10.18637/jss.v022.i04 .


data(aravo, package="jSDM")
#>           Length Class      Mode     
#> spe       82     data.frame list     
#> env        6     data.frame list     
#> traits     8     data.frame list     
#> spe.names 82     -none-     character